Bear Aware Bulletin July 2012

Bear Aware Security Alert
Representative image of a Baylor ID card

New Student ID Cards are Here!

A project is in progress to refresh all university ID cards and the new student card is now being used by many on campus. All ID cards produced for incoming summer/fall 2012 students, as well as student replacement cards made since May, are in the new format, which is shown to the right. The new ID cards provide improved security and incorporate the new Baylor logo. Because the new student cards will be phased in with incoming classes over the next few years, both old and new student ID card formats will be seen and used on campus until the phase-in is completed.

The process for new faculty and staff cards is under development. Look for communication soon regarding this phase of the project.

Best Practices to take care of your account

Take Care of Your Account

Students, faculty, and staff are assigned individual accounts on university resources. Each person is responsible for activity on their individual accounts and can help keep the network safe for everyone by following certain best practices. Here are some measures that will help protect those accounts:

  • Log out of sites and applications accessed
  • Protect passwords and reset them if they may have been seen or discovered by others
  • Use strong, difficult-to-guess values for passwords
  • Do not leave a computer unattended while logged in without locking it
  • Do not use your BearID password for other accounts such as Facebook
Be careful what you post online

Think...Before You Post

It is well known that identity thieves and hackers gather information from social networking sites and personal websites. They can often use this information for scams, phishing, hacking accounts and actual identity theft. Be cautious about the information you post on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and others. Think carefully before providing information like your home address, phone numbers, or financial data. Some pictures may also contain information like license plate numbers that can aid identity thieves. In addition, beware of posting copyrighted images and other materials. For more information on copyright, visit

ITS Alert

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Watch for alerts and outage communications, as well as BearAware security information on the ITS website at

Follow ITS on Twitter @BaylorITS_Alert to receive notifications of technology outages. Send tweets to @Baylor_Help or use the hashtag #baylorits in your Twitter posts to ask questions and report IT issues on campus. Also, follow BearAware on Facebook.


For questions related to these or other campus security or technology issues, call the ITS Help Desk at extension 4357/HELP

Protect Your Information