January 2012 BearAware Bulletin

BearAware Bulletin
Do NOT Give Away Your Credentials!

Secure your CredentialsThere has been much published � including through BearAware - about email phishing scams that request you provide your username and password, or possibly other crucial data like social security or credit card number, under the threat of something dire happening to you or to some other innocent party.

And we all know not to do that. Neither ITS nor any other credible organization will ask for credentials in this way!

Also, beware of give-away scams. Flyers, ads, or emails may ask you to go to a website and enter your information in order to participate in a drawing for some great prize, like an iPad, eReader, or game system. No legitimate contest should need any personal data other than basic contact information. Do NOT provide credentials for Baylor systems (email, Banner, BearWeb, etc.) or for your personal accounts (online banking, credit card sites, PayPal, etc.) to try to win a prize. You may win trouble you did not anticipate.

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For questions related to these or other campus security or technology issues, call the ITS Help Desk at extension 4357/HELP

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