Expense Report Online Training

Thank you for visiting the Expense Report Online Training page. We welcome your input, questions, or concerns with this new application. Below you will find helpful training videos that outline the basics for this new application.


Important Information!

To view these video clips, you should not need any special media player to do so. You will need either a headset or speakers, however, to listen to the audio. If you need further help viewing the videos, please contact the Amy Alexander at x8705.

For all other questions about the new expense report, please visit the Baylor travel website by clicking here.



NewExpense Report Per Diem
This document outlines how to enter per diem expenses for meals and incidentals.



Expense Report Entry
This video was designed to give you a basic overview of how to enter an expense report using the new web application. This video is intended for Faculty, Staff, and/or Students who need to submit an expense report.
Length: 9:25



Information for Reviewers
This video was designed for those who need to review expense reports. Step by step instructions are shown for reviewing, approving, and editing expense reports, as well as showing the viewer how to send the expense report back to the requester for revisions. This video is intended for Faculty and Staff who are responsible for reviewing expense reports.
Length: 4:38



Expense Report Revisions
This video was designed for those who need to revise an expense report that has already been submitted. This video includes step by step instructions showing what to do if an expense report comes back to the person who originally submitted the expense report and how to make the necessary changes. This video is intended for Faculty and Staff who need to revise or correct an expense report.
Length: 2:17