July 2011 BearAware Bulletin

BearAware Bulletin

Safely Store Data for Remote Access

Bear Space

Do you know about BearSpace? It is a file storage system for students, faculty, and staff that provides five gigabytes (5 GB) of disk space per person. Files like spreadsheets, reports, homework assignments, and graphics can be stored in BearSpace and are then accessible from anywhere on the Internet. The system also allows for sharing files with others, including people outside of Baylor.

BearSpace is convenient and much more secure for data storage and access than flash drives, CDs, and other portable media. It is also a better choice for storing Baylor business data than current cloud-based alternatives, e.g., DropBox or Google Docs. Access to files stored in BearSpace is available on the iPad through GoodReader. For information about this capability, go to ITS Self-Service Help and enter the keywords "iPad BearSpace."

To learn more about BearSpace in general, go to ITS Self-Service Help and just enter the keyword "BearSpace" or call the ITS Help Desk at extension 4357/HELP.


The Hassle of Passwords

The Hassle of Passwords

Maintaining and remembering various passwords is an irritation to all of us. However, appropriate passwords are more important than ever in these times of high profile hacking incidents. Remember these basics:

  • Use strong passwords. Make them an eight character or more combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Change your passwords regularly. BearID passwords must be changed every 180 days but can be changed more often.
  • Do not use the same password for all of your online access. (e.g., bank account, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, or BearID)
  • Put passwords on your mobile devices.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.


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For questions related to these or other campus security or technology issues, call the ITS Help Desk at extension 4357/HELP

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