Configuration Standards for Category 1 Computers

Below is the required configuration and required software for Category 1 computers for use by Baylor employees. Category 1 computers are defined as the primary office computer assigned to one employee. Installation of all Category 1 computers should be performed by ITS-Client Services Installs unless an exception has been approved by ITS-Security.


  • All computers (Windows and Mac OS) must be bound to Active Directory
  • All laptops and some desktops as determined by ITS-Security must have BitLocker or FileVault installed and all disk(s) encrypted
  • No local accounts outside of ITS service accounts can be present
  • All computers must be configured to use Ivanti Management for system updates and patches
  • Ivanti must be installed and computer should be scanning into the server on a regular basis
  • Windows Defender ATP must be installed and kept up to date
  • CrashPlan Pro must be installed and computer should connect to the server on a regular basis


Reviewed November 13, 2018