ITS Faculty Resource Guide

Baylor IDs

  • Bear ID: A Bear ID is an electronic identifier created uniquely for every student and employee at Baylor. Your Bear ID and password are the keys to your Baylor email account and to accessing many campus electronic resources like email, campus software installers, and some software systems, including Blackboard, ClassRoll, the Web Content Management System (CMS), and others. It is also considered a person's network ID. The Bear ID is generally in the format firstname_lastname. (first or preferred name...underscore...last name) Middle initials, first and middle initials, and incremental numbers may be used in the Bear ID to avoid duplicates. The Bear ID plus "" becomes an individual's Baylor email address.
  • Baylor ID Number: The Baylor ID number is a nine-digit number which is your primary identifier within the university's central information systems.
  • Baylor ID Card: Baylor's ID card is a physical photo-ID card that supports many campus services including identification, library privileges, building access, lab access, and more.
Technology Hardware Installation
  • Desktop or Laptop Computers and Printers: After the Procurement process of your technology purchase is completed through your departmental contact, the ITS Installations staff will receive your order, install the Baylor basic configuration, then schedule a convenient time to meet with you to deliver your equipment and to make sure it is operational to your specifications.
  • Backup Services: Computer installations provide the software needed to automatically backup your computers files on a regular basis.
  • Tracking Assets: All computers are given a BUID tag and have the LanDesk software installed to properly track the device for asset management required by your department and others.
  • Disposition of Older Equipment: Disposing of older technology equipment is handled for you and is done according to the Disposition of Equipment Policy.
  • Personal Technology Purchases: Baylor has special purchasing arrangements with a number of computer and technology vendors for individual purchases.
Technology Hardware Repair
  • Baylor-owned Desktop or Laptop Computers and Printers: The ITS Hardware Repair Shop services Apple, Dell and HP computers and devices for Baylor-owned computers. They also service the campus standard Hewlett Packard printers. The technicians in the Repair Shop are certified through the manufacturer to work on these systems. Click here for a complete list of services.
  • Personal Computer Repairs: Hardware and software support services are available for personally-owned computers of Baylor faculty that can be brought to the Repair Shop at the Fifth (5th) Street Parking Garage on the side of the Baylor Bookstore. There is an hourly charge for these services.
  • In-Home Repairs: As a service to the Baylor community, Baylor University has compiled a list of computer service vendors in the Waco area that can perform computer services on your home computers or related equipment, software or networks. Baylor University is not affiliated with any of these businesses and has merely listed their contact information here for the convenience.
Software and OS Support
  • Software Directory: The directory provides a complete listing of all software applications supported at Baylor by ITS and Electronic Libraries. The directory includes a description of the software, the current version, and directions for how to obtain the application. If the software you need must be purchased or is discipline-specific, please call your technology departmental contact to make the purchase for you.
  • Microsoft Products for Home Use: The Baylor Microsoft Campus Agreement defines conditions under which a Baylor student, faculty or staff member can use the Software on personal computers. Information about personal usage can be found on the FAQs Web site.
  • Software for Home Use: Software available for faculty and staff to download on their home computers include Symantec Anti-Virus for Windows and Mac, Microtest, Micrograde and SAS.
  • Operating System Support: All aspects of the operating system both for the Windows OS (XP) and the Macintosh OS (X.3 and above) are provided by ITS Client Services. Our services include rebuilding a system due to hard drive failure or corruption to setting up configurations for wireless or VPN access.
Network Access
  • Primary Computer: Every faculty member should be assigned a primary computer for which a wired network outlet is provided in your office/work area.
  • Wireless Network: AirBear is Baylor�s wireless network which provides convenient access in most campus classroom and common areas. It is not intended to be a substitute for office wired connections and coverage is not supported in those areas. ITS requests that you use the wired connection(s) in your office to ensure reliability, security, and backups.
  • Internet2: We participate in the Internet2 initiative through our affiliation with the Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN).
Email Assistance Help
  • Help Desk: (254) 710-HELP (4357). Hours of Operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Call for support for any issues related to computers (hardware or software), networking, telephone, wireless devices, and copiers. The Help Desk serves over 16,000 customers including students, faculty, staff, and retirees.
  • Self-Service Help: Help is available 24/7 by using Self-Service Help powered by RightAnwers, Inc. Self-Service Help provides a searchable online database of answers to IT questions, hundreds of which are Baylor-specific. It does require a BearID login and provides �google-like� searching capabilites.
  • Alert Notifications � Alerts to report system and maintenance outages are posted on the ITS Web site. The Help Desk also maintains a client call list to provide alerts when the Web site is unavailable.
  • Downline: (254) 710-DOWN (3696). Call any time to hear a recording that updates reports for scheduled and unscheduled outages of all ITS-related services and equipment.
  • ITS Web site: Use our Web site for a complete and up-to-date reference for all technology-related services.
  • Instructor-led Seminars: Seminars are offered for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user on a variety of software applications, such as many of the Microsoft Office Products, Adobe products and FileMaker. Just click on �Seminars� on the training Web site to see a schedule of availability and to register for a seminar.
  • Training Resources: Training materials for a variety of software applications are made available for checkout. A complete list is available under the �Resources� on the Web site.
Student-related Systems
  • Classroll: ClassRoll provides faculty with access to their class rosters in multiple formats - formatted for printing (with student photos for the faculty member of record), email address book (Outlook contacts file), and file for importing into MicroGrade or Excel.
  • Electronic Grade Posting: Baylor no longer utilizes paper grade rolls for posting of grades. There are multiple methods available for instructors to electronically post grades for their classes.
  • BearWeb: BearWeb is Baylor's secure online system allowing employees and students self-service access to personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. BearWeb is accessed via ID number and PIN.
  • Online Directory: This Web-based application allows for the lookup of faculty, staff, and student contact information by name or major/department.
  • Fostering Student Success (Deficiencies & Referrals): A resource for Faculty and Staff to report deficiencies and refer students who may need academic intervention.