Loaner Program

The Loaner Program was established to provide access to equipment needed by faculty and staff when traveling for university business purposes, working on special projects from home, or for other extenuating circumstances. Technology equipment, such as computers and projectors, is available to any currently employed faculty or staff member with a valid BearID. Because all laptop computers must be reimaged and encrypted, all reservations must be made at least one business day (24 hours) prior to the day that the equipment is needed. The maximum length of time for a loaner is three weeks. These laptops are configured for travel or off-campus use only.  If a loaner is needed for use as a temporary campus workstation, please contact the Help Desk directly for those type of requests.

The ITS loaner program is a service provided to Baylor faculty and staff for university-related purposes only. Signature from the faculty/staff member requesting the equipment is required on the checkout form.  This signature indicates agreement to this stipulation and acceptance of responsibility for the care of the equipment borrowed. Violation may make the borrower subject to the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment in the case of damage or loss.

Due to the limited number of laptop computers and projectors in the Loaner Program, the Loaner Equipment Guidelines were created to ensure fair and appropriate distribution of equipment and to establish the expectations for proper use of the equipment in the Loaner Program. Please see the Proper Use of the Loaner Program Equipment Guidelines.

If traveling abroad, please visit the following website to register your trip before submitting a loaner request form:

A 24-Hour notice is required due to high demand for loaner equipment. To request a reservation for this equipment, please fill out and submit the form (allow 24 hours) by clicking here.


Reviewed October, 2017