Windows XP (WPA2)

These instructions are for Windows XP with Service Pack 3.  Service Pack 3 is highly recommended.  NOTE:  You wireless card must support WPA2 encryption to use AIRBEAR WPA2.

1) Right-click on your wireless icon in the bottom-right of your screen.  Click Open Network Connections.


2) Right-click on your wireless card and select Properties.


3) Click on the Wireless Networks tab and click on the Add button (if you have no Wireless Networks tab, you probably have a third-party wireless utility that needs to be disabled.)


4) Enter AIRBEAR WPA2 as the Network Name (SSID), select Connect even if this network is not broadcasting, select WPA2 as the Network Authentication (data encryption can be either AES or TKIP), and click on the Authentication tab.


5) Select Protected EAP (PEAP) from the EAP Type drop-down menu and click Properties.


6) Make sure the Validate Server Certificate box is checked and click Configure.


7) Uncheck the Automatically Use Windows Logon box.  Click OK through all the screens.


8) Click inside the box that pops up on the bottom-right of the screen.


9) Enter your Bear_ID and password (you can leave the domain blank) and click OK.


10) Click the box that pops up on the bottom-right that say Click Here to process your information. 


11) Click OK on the gray box that pops up.


12) You should now be online!  (NOTE: it may ask a few times for login information, and it may take several seconds to login).