Workstation Configuration Guidelines

ITS Workstation Standard Configuration


ITS installs and supports a standard, or base level, operating system and application configuration for all university-owned workstations that are connected to the wired Baylor network.  In addition, ITS maintains software tools that provide automatic updates and patches to the standard configuration, which are designed to enhance the security and performance of the Baylor IT infrastructure.

All Baylor-owned workstations that connect to the wired Baylor network and are supported by ITS must use the standard configuration for the purposes of security, optimization and standardization of all Baylor computer resources.

Request a Change:

Changes in the form of additions or deletions to the standard or base level configuration must be requested.  Any change must be shown to be in accordance with current University computer policies and guidelines, and must be tested by ITS for compatibility with existing Baylor-supported systems.  A change request must be approved by ITS Directors and Electronic Library Directors, as appropriate.

Request an Exemption:

A client may request an exemption from a policy or setting by contacting the HELP Desk in the form of a support ticket. 

The support ticket will be forwarded to the appropriate ITS or Electronic Library group that manages the policy or setting specified in the exemption request for evaluation.

Reviewed February 24, 2014