Video Surveillance Policy

Policy: The University may employ video cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) on University property for the purposes of deterring crime, assisting police in criminal investigations, and protecting the safety and property of the campus community. Use of this type of equipment requires approval as noted below.

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Related Polices and Legislation:
ITS Security 710-2711
DVR Committee � Bob Hartland � 710-2711
Risk Management � 710-8990
Baylor Police � 710-2222

Sanctions may include but are not limited to suspension of technology privileges, termination of employment, referral to Student Judicial Services, and/or criminal prosecution. For additional information, please reference Technology Usage Policy BU-PP 025.

Date created/updated:
Created � January 2009


DVR - Digital Video Recorder. Any device that is used to record, store and play video for video camera(s).

Baylor DVR Committee � A group consisting of Baylor Police, Risk Management and ITS Security. The group is responsible for approving and coordinating the installation of video cameras and DVRs on campus.

ITS Security - The group within ITS that is responsible for all IT Security. The group is lead by the Information Security Officer and that position will receive video inquiries. This group will handle the approval of video review requests and the release recorded surveillance video.

  • University-sanctioned video recording of University athletic or performing arts events is excluded from this policy.
  • There are exceptions where cameras may be installed in testing locations, lab environments or other academic environments. All exceptions must be approved by the DVR Committee and General Counsel. Signage will be posted indicating video recording in these areas. These exceptions will be documented and available for review upon request of ITS Security.
  • Web cameras used in an office or private space are excluded from this policy as long as anyone who would be on the camera are aware of the device.
  • Video conference equipment installed on campus is exempt from the policy.
  • Web cameras installed by the University to communicate construction progress or other University-related project of general interest to constituents must be coordinated through the Baylor DVR Committee.

  • Any use of video recording equipment must conform to state and federal laws and be managed in a professional, ethical manner.
  • No video surveillance or recording equipment may be installed on campus without the approval of Baylor Police or Baylor DVR Committee unless explicitly excluded in this policy.
  • The purchase of all security related video surveillance and recording equipment must be coordinated through the Baylor DVR Committee.
  • Information obtained through video surveillance recordings will be used only for security and law enforcement. Only those responsible for investigation and enforcement of laws/policies will have access to the recorded video. Access to recorded video is subject to ITS Security approval.
  • Comments or questions regarding the use of video surveillance and recording equipment must be made in writing to the ITS Information Security Officer.
  • Virtual or fake cameras cannot be installed on campus.