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Here for Orientation?
Come see us at our If I Had Only Known presentation on Day 2 at 11:30 in Foster 102 or view a PDF version of it clicking here.
When you’re training to become a Pokémon Master...

...the goal is to “Catch ‘Em All”… but not when it comes to protecting your information and identity.

You receive an email from what seems like a reputable source, but you are not certain. You have the option to RUN or FIGHT. On a whim, feeling overly confident, you choose to face this opponent. You click on a link that installs malware on your device and the battle is lost.

Baylor ITS wants to help you train all year long so you’re ready for the next test. Gather your Pokémon and train to protect yourself and your personal information online. The Professor will give you valuable tips on how to be BearAware by keeping yourself and your information secure. Visit the helpful links below, and you will be well on your way to becoming the next Pokémon Master—and the next Online Master.

Social Network Security


Security Software

Report an Incident

Change Password

Protect Yourself Against WannaCry Ransomware

New Student Orientation Presentation (PDF)

BearAware is Baylor University's cybersecurity awareness initiative. Throughout the year, Information Technology Services keeps the Baylor community up to date on the latest information security threats through quarterly campus newsletters, our @BearAware twitter account and the BearAware Facebook page. When information security issues arise, BearAware alerts are distributed campus-wide by email and through social media. The goal of our initiative is to keep the Baylor community informed about the latest cybersecurity threats so that both personal and university information resources remain secure.

Updated May 1, 2017