Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

2020 has made us all very #BearAware about the ways to protect ourselves and our communities from COVID-19. Wear a mask. Clean your hands and contact surfaces. Reduce contact with others. As it turns out, many of the basic steps we must take to curb the impact of the coronavirus are just as effective when it comes to protecting our personal information and staying safe online. Beware of malware and viruses. Clean your social media. Protect your online privacy. Avoid using simple passwords. Reduce phishing risks. As we join others across the nation in observing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month throughout October, become more #BearAware about doing your part to keep our information networks secure!

A great password and the protections around it are your first line of cyber defense

Learn how to recognize and avoid this most common form of cyber attack

Social Networking
Connect and engage with friends and others online responsibly

Prior BearAware Campaigns
A look back at past BearAware campaigns from 2007 to the present!

For more cybersecurity tips, visit Stay Safe Online, a great site produced by the National Cybersecurity Alliance

BearAware is Baylor's cybersecurity awareness initiative. Throughout the year, Baylor ITS keeps our community BearAware of the latest information security threats through BearAware cybersecurity updates, our @BaylorITS twitter account and the Baylor ITS Facebook page (look for the #BearAware in posts). When information security issues arise, BearAware alerts are distributed by email and through social media. The goal of our initiative is to keep the Baylor community informed about the latest cybersecurity threats so that both personal and university information resources remain secure.