University ID Card Photo Usage Guidelines


Photos for individuals issued University ID cards are stored in the University's ID system managed by ITS. This document defines appropriate usage and requirements for usage of this Baylor University ID card photo.

1. Appropriate Usage:

ID card photos are taken and stored for the express purpose of usage with the physical ID card for verification of identification. Additionally, the photos are available in the University online directory which should be used when the convenience of access to the University ID card photo is desired. As a general practice, these photos should not be added to other software applications to augment the checking of University ID cards. Information Technology Services allows faculty, staff, and students to control the viewing of their ID card photo in the online directory by setting privacy flags. It is not appropriate usage to copy photos from the online directory and use them for any other purpose.

2. Requirements for Usage:

All requests for University ID card photo usage should be directed to the Chief Information Security Officer who will coordinate review by the appropriate parties. The primary systems to which access to the University ID photos will be provided are life safety/health systems, first responder systems, and systems essential to teaching and grading by instructors of record.


  • Any secondary system approved to use ID photos must respect the privacy flags for usage in real time unless explicitly given an exception
  • Such secondary systems should access the photos in real time rather than maintaining a local copy unless explicitly given an exception. Maintenance of local copies of the photos is a security/privacy risk and requires valuable computing resources to transfer the large picture files.
  • If a local copy is required and approved, the load must respect the individuals’ privacy flags and be updated on an approved regular interval.
  • The only exception to these requirements is for physical safety systems. These requests must be reviewed and approved by General Counsel’s office.
    • If granted the exception, the system should display a warning not to copy the ID photo and/or inform users by training of the restriction.
    • In addition, these exceptions allow for the full load of photos including those that might be privacy-restricted.

Based on the above, exceptions allowing additional uses of these University ID photos will be very limited.

3. Sanctions for Misuse:

Sanctions may include but are not limited to suspension of technology privileges, termination of employment, referral to Student Judicial Services, and/or criminal prosecution. For additional information, please reference Technology Systems Usage Policy BU-PP 025.

Related Polices and Legislation:

Technology Usage Policy BU-PP 025
Student Records Policy and FERPA
Directory Information Use BU-PP 026

ITS Help Desk 710-4357 (HELP)

Reviewed February 21, 2015