February 29, 2008

With our new Resource and Allocation Request system, BearQuest, going LIVE on Monday, March 3rd, the PORT Team wants to give you an update on what has been going on the last couple of weeks, plus give you some important information that you'll find useful starting on Monday.


Targeted, invitation-only training sessions have been conducted for groups like the Division Key Budget Contacts who will be a useful resource to you once we've gone LIVE, and for academic areas who have faculty searches underway that may need to do a faculty hire quickly once the new system is available.

In all of the testing that the team has done, there is no way to simulate the impact of having a large number of users simultaneously perform the same task at the same time. The training sessions have been helpful in "load testing" the system. While we have experienced some technical issues during some of these classes, running into these issues now has proven beneficial in that we were able to fine-tune the system before going live. The PORT sincerely thanks those few who patiently endured these problems. This will allow us to roll-out a better product.

BearQuest Basics seminars are available for registration at the POD website. Classes start after spring break, March 18.


As of the cut-off last Friday, we had approximately 200 projects to convert to BearQuest. The ITS group has been working diligently to get these re-entered into the new system and conversion should be completed by Monday.

Please check "My Open Tasks" to see if there are any requests pending your action starting on Monday.

Go LIVE Support

Your PORT Team is ready to assist you with process or technical questions as you begin to use BearQuest. Below are the support numbers you can call:

Mark Falsone (Budget) 8615
Stephanie Kilgore (Budget) 8462
Julie Stahl (A&S) 4395
Ashley Thornton (IE) 6726
Kay Wellbaum (ITS/Libraries) 3590

In addition, if your division's Key Budget Contact has been to BearQuest training, they may be able to assist you.

Access to the System - Because using BearQuest is quite a bit different than Project Office (we think better!) we are asking that you attend training before you are given access.

Mac Users BearQuest uses Windows Authentication, so you will need to log on with your Bear_ID (firstname_lastname) and Password.

BearQuest Process Improvement Team (PIT) Realizing that any change can be improved upon, we plan to organize a BearQuest Process Improvement Team (PIT) very soon. The purpose of the PIT will be to help make the system better by identifying: 1) issues that need to be corrected, and 2) process changes that will provide efficiencies. If you are interesting in participating on the BearQuest PIT, please let us know at the email address below.

Email and Website addresses

Remember to email your questions and comments about anything and everything BearQuest to PORT@Baylor.edu.

You may also refer to the BearQuest website www.baylor.edu/its/bearquest for previous updates,