February 11, 2008

The PORT functional and technical teams have spent much of the last couple of weeks conducting tests of our new BearQuest workflow system, and while we have encountered a few issues (as is to be expected with any new software implementation), we are happy to say that none appear to be insurmountable™so we are full steam ahead! Now we must get busy on tasks we have been telling you about:


This week, you should receive an email regarding "Training Opportunities" for BearQuest. There will be several class offerings starting February 19, so be sure to sign up at the POD Training and Development website. You will need to attend a training session in order to get access to BearQuest.

Project Conversion

Remember that the ITS team will be converting Project Office proposals validated by the Deans and VPs that have not been system-approved as of February 22, 2008. Next Friday, February 15 at 12:00pm, we will be turning off the Project Office system to the Proposal Group. This means that you will no longer be able to create any new projects or make changes to existing projects after 12:00 noon on February 15th. You will still be able to see your projects after this time, so we ask that you watch their progress through Project Office to make sure they move through to the service areas as quickly as possible. After February 15th, the service area reviewers will be working diligently to complete the review and approval of all projects released by the February 15th 12 noon cut-off. All Reviewers must complete their work by February 22nd at 5:00pm.

Operational Request Transitioning to BearQuest

Just as a reminder, here are the key dates to keep in front of you over the next couple of weeks:

Action Date(s) Information
No Changes to existing Projects or creation of New Projects February 15, 2008 In order to have a "static" list of projects to convert, we are asking that no changes to existing projects be made or any New Projects be created in Project Office after this date.

NOTE: Manual Procedures wll be used during this down time for critical actions (Faculty HIRES, Employee Separations)

BearQuest Training February 19 and forward Watch for specific dates and times through the "Training Opportunities" emails / website
Project Office Shut Down February 22, 2008 5:00PM Project Office System will be shut down in order to prepare for the start of conversion Service Areas and Approvers must have all critical projects completed by this time
Projects Converted to BearQuest February 18 29, 2008 The ITS team will manually convert PO Projects based on the validated lists from the Deans/VPs
BearQuest "LIVE" March 3, 2008 This is the target "GO LIVE" date.

Email and Website addresses

Remember to email your questions and comments about anything and everything BearQuest to PORT@Baylor.edu.

You may also refer to the BearQuest website www.baylor.edu/its/bearquest for previous updates, answers to FAQ's, and other information.