LanDesk Categories

Category 1: Primary Office
Designate only one per person

Category 2: Student, Teaching assistants
Student Worker
Graduate Student
Teaching Asst.

Category 3: Instructional
Student Lab/classroom/central
Student Lab/classroom/departmental
Computers attached to instruments (musical or scientific)
Classroom/lecterns computer in technology classrooms
Training and Seminar Rooms

Category 4: Research
Research general category for computers dedicated to faculty research work

Category 5: Public
Point of Service Reference Desk, circulation, cash register terminal, ID cards
Public Access such as Kiosks/display; checkout laptops
Single Purpose - Public (Financial Aid, DPS, Bearcat) running a specific program/system that people can use.
Open Computing (Computers not in a classroom)

Category 6: Other
Equipment Dependent (such as computers attached to scanners)
Test computers
Departmental Servers
Media Production - DMS, Education, etc.

Category 7: Managed by ITS Client Services
Equipment managed by ITS Client Services

Category 8: Stored in Department
Equipment that is stored in a department with a planned use