November 27, 2007

Greetings from the PORT (Project Office Replacement Team)!

We'd like to give a big "Thank-you!" to those who submitted name suggestions for the new system replacing Project Office. It was a difficult decision, and we are happy to announce the name chosen. The new system formally will be called™BearQuest, with "the Q" (short for Queue) as its nickname. We think the name is catchy and before long faculty and staff will be accustomed to it.

Development of BearQuest is well underway and the team is really excited about its possibilities for process improvement. Here are a few more of the features you can expect (some are repeats from our last message, but worth a second mention!):

  • Web-based accessing requests should be much easier and faster from any location

  • View access to request details and budget data available after the request has been approved

  • Ability to attach documents of all types

  • Improved security with access/visibility to only your requests

  • Task-oriented workflow design that steps users through the request process

  • E-mail notifications contain a link directly to the request

  • Simplified budget form integrated into the entry process (will no longer be an Excel attachment)

  • Varying review workflows based on type of request

Here are some answers to questions you may be wondering about:

  1. Q: Should I stop using Project Office and wait for BearQuest?
    A: No. Continue using Project Office at this time for Spring Review and other personnel/funding requests. We will provide more information about transitioning to BearQuest in a future communication.

  2. Q: What will happen to my existing Project Office requests that have been released but not approved?
    A: Those requests will be manually re-entered into BearQuest for you.

  3. Q: What is the plan for training on the new BearQuest system?
    A: Training will be conducted a few weeks before and after our planned "Go Live" date of March 1, 2008. Every user will need to go to training.

Please continue to send your thoughts and ideas to . We look forward to and welcome your feedback!