October 22, 2007

Greetings from the PORT (Project Office Replacement Team)!

In our first team communication, we thought it would be informative to let you know about our process in this very important project and let you know the status of our progress.

The team began its work in earnest right after January 1, 2007. Our software selection process began with interviews and focus groups to gather ideas about what worked well in the current system, and what might be possibilities for improvement. With that input, we demoed several workflow software packages and made a recommendation to our sponsors and received approval at the end of April, 2007. Since then, we have been documenting our current workflow processes and reviewing to see where improvements to streamline them could be made, again taking into consideration your feedback. Along with doing this, the technical team members were loading the software and learning how to use it. With approval for our recommended workflow changes, the technical team is now in the process of creating these workflows in the new system.

We are excited about the potential for improvement with this new system! Here are just a few of the features that you'll see:

  • Web-based accessing your Requests remotely should be much easier and faster

  • Simpler Budget Form will be incorporated into the Request flow (will no longer be an Excel attachment)

  • Ease in seeing a list of Requests that are pending your action

  • Ability to attach documents of all types

    Now we would like some help from you. We need to find a suitable Baylor name for the new system. If you have a suggestion, we'd like to hear it. Please send your ideas to PORT@Baylor.edu and we'll take it into consideration.

    We'll let you know the name of the new system in our next communication.