Web Filtering

Baylor University implemented web filtering in 1999 as a mandate of the University Regents and President.

Filtering the web presents many challenges. Web filtering companies provide a database of categorized URLs of which Baylor University only blocks websites that fall into the pornographic category. Categorizing websites is not an exact science so mistakes are sometimes made in the database and a perfectly legitimate site will be blocked.

If you believe that is the case, submit the online form to request a review of the URL. In the case that this URL needs to unblocked faster than one business day please contact the helpline at x4357.

Malware Filtering

In an effort to reduce the occurrences of malware, viruses and phishing on campus, ITS uses a malware filtering system.

Users who attempt to access a web address that is classified as potentially threatening will see a warning page similar to that below. The page will identify the category of the threat and provide a button marked "Continue". It is recommended that the user heed the warning and avoid the site. However, it is possible to choose to click the button and continue to the site. If this choice is made, the "click here to contact us" link should be used to give feedback about the site identified in error as malicious.

If you see the screen below, you have encountered a site that is identified as a possible threat. If you have any difficulties, please use the contact link to give feedback. Note that the list of warning sites and this page design and its text are provided by the system's vendor. ITS has little or no editing capability regarding the look of the page or the text provided.


Updated 3/13/14