Electronic Posting of Final Term Grades

Report Card

Baylor has moved away from submission of final student grades via paper grade rolls. There are three options available to faculty for submitting these grades electronically. More information about these processes is provided below.

Option One - Grade submission via BearWeb

Faculty members who are listed as the instructor of record for class sections may use the Faculty & Advisors link within BearWeb to enter grades for their students. Click here: Grading - BearWeb to find out more about this option.

Grading - BearWeb Quick Reference Guide

Go to BearWeb.

Option Two - Grade submission from Canvas

Faculty members using Canvas to keep their grade book for a class may submit final grades from within that system. Click here to: Submit Final Grades in Canvas.

Option Three - Grade submission from Excel

Grades can be exported from Excel and posted into the Banner Student Information System using a process developed by ITS. For a description of how to use this method of grade posting, click the link below:

Grading - Excel Quick Reference Guide