SIS Web Application Access Instructions

ClassRoll, ChairSIS, and the Unified Advising System are Web applications developed by Information Systems staff that access student data from the Banner Student Information System.

Access to ClassRoll is automatically available to all faculty members for the classes they are teaching, if they have been recorded as an instructor of record in SIS.

Other access to these applications requires action by ITS staff. This access is set up by major code and/or course prefix code. The department chair may request, via email, that a person or person be given access to that department's codes. (Ex: Math department chair requests that faculty member Jane Doe have access to major code & course prefix MTH for issuing permits and waivers through the Unified Advising System.)

To request this access, the department chair should email Margaret Lemon, Manager of Student Systems, with the following information:

  • name of person being given access;
  • major code(s)/course prefix(es) to which that person will be given access;
  • application(s) to which that person will be given access.

After the access is established, the persons involved will be notified via email.