Academic and Administrative Networks: This network provides service in all campus buildings, connecting end-stations to the network. Each campus building has either a 100-Megabit/second (Mb/sec) Fast-Ethernet connection or a 1,000 Mb/sec Gigabit-Ethernet fiber-optic connection.

Adds/Moves/Changes: Heavily involved in network and computer Move/Add/Change work.

AIRBEAR Wireless Network: Baylor currently has 475 access-points distributed throughout all major campus buildings. Baylor faculty, staff, and students use a standards-based 802.1X authentication client to access AIRBEAR.

CATV Network: Baylor's Cable TV network currently reaches all dorm rooms and most classrooms. Baylor has satellite capacity to retransmit up to 10 satellite programs onto the campus CATV network.

Datacenter Infrastructure: This network is composed of 5 distinct networks, each connected to its own firewall port to secure communications into and between campus servers.

Firewalls: Administration, maintenance and monitoring of the firewalls at the border of campus and those fronting the server room

Internet: Baylor's Internet service is provided over a fiber-optic OC-3 connection from Dallas (155Mb/sec).

LEARN Network: Baylor has a Gigabit-Ethernet connection to the LEARN (Lonestar Education and Research Network) Network which provides access to Internet2.

Network Cable Plant: Designs, installs, administers, and maintains Baylor's outdoor and indoor cable plant.

Network electronics on our Internet connection (including VPN hardware, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and packet-shaping systems): Installation, administration and maintenance

Outside System Support: Supporting role in HVAC, fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.

RESNET Network: This network provides data services into 17 on-campus dormitories. Each dormitory has at least one Gigabit-Ethernet connection with some of the larger dorms having two.

Routers, Core and Edge switches: Installation, administration and maintenance

Special Events: Provides network support for special events including Government, Athletic, Concerts and Conferences.