Description ClassRoll can be used to obtain rosters or files for each classes on an individual basis. There are three options currently available...

If you select "MS Outlook contacts", the file will only include enrolled students. The "Printable roster" will include (and indicate) those registered and withdrawn. Selecting "MS Outlook contacts" will generate a file suitable for the machine you are currently using (Mac or PC).

University policy and federal law prohibits the disclosure of private non-directory information relating to students. The student photos and information contained on the roll sheets should not be shared with non-Baylor employees. This includes sending in email, posting to websites or distributing in printed form.


Internet access.

Where is it

Please see SIS Web Application Access Instruction Website.
Web online system
Web online system


Level A - Baylor Standard
During normal business hours, the Help Desk is available to respond immediately to questions on the currently supported version of software. If the Help Desk is unable to answer the question, a Heat ticket will be recorded and sent to the second-tier response team. Software at this level is supported by several individuals responsible and every attempt will be made to respond to the ticket in a timely fashion.