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Smart Phones

Baylor Smart Phone support is provided for various Verizon Wireless phones, such as the Treo and the Blackberry. Support for devices covers activation, installation, setting up email preferences, device preferences, and troubleshooting non-functioning devices. Although the Treo and Blackberry are not the only models available, support for other Baylor non-standard Smart Phones will be limited. Please keep in mind when purchasing a Smart Phone that the device should function with Outlook and Exchange Server. For more information on Verizon wireless devices, please see the Verizon Blackberry Wireless website.

Some popular models are:

Blackberry 8330 Curve, 8830 World Edition, 9350 Storm, 9630 Tour, 9550 Storm2

Treo Centro, XV6900


Office 2007 users -- click here for important information

Handheld PDA devices are the electronic equivalent of a paper planner. It is portable and convenient to keep up to date on events and appointments. With the increasing demand of the smartphone technology (combining a phone and planner in one device) regular PDA's have almost become extinct. Currently, Palm does not make any device beside the smartphone. HP still has two iPAQ devices in it's product line-HP iPAQ 111 and the HP iPAQ 211. And then there are numerous other brands that offer a PDA like device. If a smartphone is not in your future and you still desire to move to an electronic planner then please keep these tips in mind before purchasing a certain model.
  1. 1. Make sure the device is compatible with your computer's operating system (e.g. Windows XP or Mac...side note purchasing a windows based device is not suggested for a Mac computer)
  2. 2. Only get a device that has the features you need. Don't get overwhelmed by all the added features. You will be paying more for something you may never use.
  3. 3. Just because the salesman says it will work in a "corporate environment", doesn't mean it will work at Baylor. Some PDA's are able to connect using wi-fi or get corporate mail, but it may not work with AIRBEAR, and you still may not be able to get your OUTLOOK mail. So don't get sold on all the features.

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