End User Computing

The End User Computing group is located in the Dutton Avenue Office parking garage and consists of thirteen full time staff that provides the second and third tier support for all workstation operating systems and software-related troubleshooting. All new versions of the operating systems and software applications supported on campus are tested by this group. Additional duties that this group performs are listed below:

  • Operating System Support - Supports all aspects of the operating system both for the Windows OS and the Macintosh OS for all faculty and staff on campus and in satellite locations. This ranges from rebuilding a system due to hard drive failure or corruption to setting up configurations for wireless or VPN access. Support is provided for all workstations, including desktop, laptops, and tablets used in departments.
  • OS Troubleshooting - Provides second tier support utilizing the Heat system for all basic software troubleshooting on all software purchased and supported for campus use. https://www.baylor.edu/its/index.php?id=44648
  • Provides advanced software support for Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Outlook), all supported Adobe products (Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Endnotes, and FileMaker Pro.
  • Seminar Training Computer Labs - Provides hardware and software configuration for all Baylor technology training for faculty and staff.
  • Smartphone Support - Installs and provides ongoing client support iPhones and Android phones.
  • Client Backup Services - Provides client configurations, installations, and support of all backup services for Windows and Macintosh clients for campus and satellite campuses.
  • Software Distribution - Keeps current, up-to-date versions of software available to clients on appropriate Mac and PC servers.
  • FileMaker Server - Maintains server that provides secure access for over 400 departmental databases systems.
  • Keyserver - Maintains server that provides the monitoring of licensed software for campus-wide use of site licensed applications.
  • Heat Servers - Provides maintenance and customization to support all components of the Heat system that is used for call tracking by Help Desk. Maintains the workflow for all first, second and third tier technical support for all ITS, Electronic Library and Campus Living and Learning support staff.
  • LanDesk server - Provides maintenance and customization to support all components of the University inventory tracking of all technology equipment on campus. Provides departmental customized reports via the web.
  • Tests and supports all OS configurations for both the Windows and Macintosh systems-including service pack and maintenance releases by vendors for technology equipment supported on campus.
  • Antivirus Protection - Provides support and configuration for Symantec AntiVirus on all client computers.
  • Active Directory - Maintains the Active Directory groups that are used to grant permission to files share and administrative access to computers.

    Application Services

    Provides programming support for setting up departmental servers. This group acts as a liaison between the vendor and the department for server configurations and ongoing maintenance.