Hardware Services

The Hardware Services group is located on the first floor of the 5th Street Parking Garage behind the Baylor Bookstore and consists of five full-time employees. They currently service Apple, Dell and HP computers. They also service the campus standard Hewlett Packard printers. The technicians in the Repair Center are certified through the manufacturer to work on these systems. Additional duties that this group performs are listed below:
  • Departmental Hardware Repair - Repairs all supported departmental desktop and notebook computers, as well as HP and Apple printers on campus.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery - Facilitates or recovers data on all supported desktop and notebook computers using Tivoli/Retrospect backups or using other software recovery tools.
  • Telephone Technical Support - Purchases and installs all hardware upgrades (hard drives, memory, video cards, etc. for departmental equipment, which may require consultation with clients.
  • Firmware Updates - Provides as needed for departmental and personal computers and printers.
  • AirBear Client Support - Provides configuration support for Airbear wireless connectivity for both departmental and personal computers. An Airbear fair is conducted at the start of each semester.
  • Parts Inventory - Provides the ability to give quicker response so departmental equipment can be operational in a timely manner. Parts are maintained for all Baylor standard equipment.
  • Certifications - Staff are certified so they can provide access to restricted parts, priority technical support, priority shipping and pricing with Dell, Apple and Hewlett Packard vendors.
  • Battery/Equipment Disposal - provides proper disposal of depleted notebook and internal desktop batteries. Assists as needed with equipment disposal.
  • Technical Consulting - provides technical resources for other ITS groups, in addition to the support staff in the Electronic Library and Campus Living and Learning.
  • Monetary Transactions - Processes payments into proper Baylor accounts for personal repair charges, departmental charges, and manufacture's warranty labor reimbursements.
  • Other Services - Facilitates computer recall programs; facilitates the process of uninsured loss claims that involve computing equipment.