Purchasing Technology Hardware

The following information will assist you with the purchase of any technology products for your department.
Computer and Printer Purchases - Vendors available are Apple, Dell and HP. Products include desktops, laptops, tablets and printers.

For personal purchases, refer directly to the Technology Procurement site.

Departmental Server Purchases -- Occasionally, a department will need a server in order to meet their specific technology needs. Please contact ITS Client Services to make such a request so that the purchase and support can be authorized. In addition, the configuration of the server must meet certain security requirements prior to installation on the Baylor network. Please see the Server Security Policy for more information.

Installing Technology Hardware

All departmental technology purchases are received on campus in the Installation Services area where they are prepared for delivery. For more details, see Installation Services.

Redeployment of Computer Equipment - A department is allowed one computer move from one employee to another employee or student employee within that department according to the following guidelines:

The procedure for the computer being redeployed is as follows:
  • The computer will be reformatted, renamed, and reconfigured prior to installation.
  • No file transfers will be allowed on the redeployed unit.

Updated August 16, 2019