Internet Services

Baylor supports online communications and web efforts through a hybrid organization that includes Electronic Marketing, Electronic Communications (which are part of Baylor's Marketing and Communications division), and Internet Services (which is part of Information Technology Services). Despite the multiple budgetary organizations, the various departments function as one team.

Mission Statement

Connecting people with ideas, information, and the larger community of Baylor University via the Internet.

Baylor will use the Internet to connect with all of our constituent groups - students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, academic communities, and more. The Internet Services department is here to help the broad base of Baylor colleges, schools, centers, departments, institutes and other entities that make up the university to communicate with and between these various constituent groups. Internet Services creates tools, provides consulting and analysis, performs creative and technical development, and generally promotes and encourages the component parts of the university to effectively use the Internet to carry out their communication responsibilities.

Systems and Services

The combined Internet Services, Electronic Communications and Electronic Marketing groups support a range of services related the Baylor's web efforts. In particular, the group supports: Additional responsibilities and related bits that we are involved with are:
• Graphic Standards
• Web Publishing Policies