E-mail List Application Form - Students

Please print all information. All appropriate Baylor policies apply including: Mail Discussion List Policies, and the Baylor Policies for Information Systems Usage.

Please check one:

Subscribers should be able to subscribe themselves to the list.

List moderator would like to screen all subscription requests.

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Moderated Unmoderated

Moderators have the responsibility of keeping the discussion within the general limits of the mission statement of the list and can if necessary remove a person from the list. On a moderated list all postings are sent to the moderator and if he/she decides, the mail will be forwarded to the list. With an unmoderated list there is no prior restraint, but a moderator may contact someone directly if it is determined that an abuse has occurred.

Requested Name for the List:

Naming convention consists of the following: (1) names should be less than 20 characters; (2) no spaces; (3) upper/lower case is not important; (4) allowable special characters consist of dashes (-) and underscores (_). Examples of current list names include: BARC-L; OCISNET.

List Owner's Name:

(The list owner is the Baylor employee responsible for the list)

Campus Phone extension:

The List Moderator is the Baylor student or employee responsible for monitoring the discussion on the mailing list.

List Moderator's E-mail address:

Estimated number of subscribers to this list:

Estimated expiration date of this mailing list, if appropriate:

The text of the greeting which will be automatically sent to someone subscribing to this list: (Note: please include e-mail address(es) for list moderator and others responsible for maintaining the list.)

Moderator Signature: _____________________________________

Date: ______________________

Approval required for student organizations

Dean of Student Life: ______________________________________

Date: ______________________

Last modified June 4, 2002