Randy Woodruff

Assistant Vice President for Internet Services and
Associate Vice President for Electronic Marketing Communications

Mr. Woodruff joined the staff of Baylor's ITS division in January 2002. Within ITS, Mr. Woodruff holds the title of Assistant Vice President for Internet Services. In 2007, Mr. Woodruff was appointed to the position of Assistant Vice President for Video and Electronic Marketing in the division of Marketing and Communications and in 2013 was appointed Associate Vice President for Electronic Marketing Communications. Mr. Woodruff officially reports within both the Information Technology and Marketing and Communications divisions.

Prior to 2002, Woodruff worked for nearly 20 years in Information Technology (IT) leadership positions for several companies. Most of those years were spent in the oil field services business. Areas of expertise have included systems programming, network development and management, IT service delivery, project planning and management, strategic planning, eBusiness, and business process improvement. In the four years immediately before coming to Baylor, Mr. Woodruff worked in strategic IT planning, senior IT management and the development of strategies and methods to utilize the Internet.

Mr. Woodruff is a 1982 graduate of Baylor. He is married to the former Gae Vick of McGregor. The Woodruffs met while Mr. Woodruff was an undergraduate and Mrs. Woodruff was working as a staff member for Baylor. The Woodruffs live in McGregor and are members of Central United Methodist Church.