Adobe Work at Home - Faculty/Staff Only

As part of the educational agreement between Baylor and Adobe, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products is now available for use on personally-owned home computers for all faculty and staff. This offer is not available for students. The Creative Cloud includes all the Adobe products available in their cloud offerings, and now includes Lightroom, Edge, Animate, and Muse. A vast library of online videos for all the Adobe products is also available.

A one-year subscription to these products may be purchased by Baylor faculty and staff through the VarsityBuys online store for $9.75. The following web link will redirect you to the VarsityBuys commercial website where you will "sign in" (top right of the window) with your BearID and password to verify eligibility to purchase the Adobe products. A redemption code will be provided through this online store via credit card purchase (American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, or Visa). After the purchase is made, VarsityBuys will give you a link to the Adobe EduCard site where you will use the redemption code to register your product and download the selected software. Here is the link to the Baylor VarsityBuys store:



The link to use once you obtain the redemption code from VarsityBuys is Educard

Annual Renewal of Subscription

When renewing your subscription after one year, you must wait and renew after the expiration date. There is a one-week grace period. If you need to renew early, you will need to click the Help button on the renewal website and do the transaction over the phone. Please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk for any assistance you may need.