Banner 9

Banner9 Banner 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product of Sungard Higher Education, now known as Ellucian. Banner assists colleges and universities in recording and maintaining information/data for their students, employees, alumni, and donors. Baylor University licenses 3 primary Banner products: the Student, Human Resources, and Advancement systems. This provides the University with an integrated system covering information about all people affiliated with Baylor. For students, this included everything from admission and financial aid information to registration, billing, and academic records. Banner is also the payroll and benefits system for all faculty and staff as well as student employees. The Banner Advancement product assists the University in relating to alumni and donors. The data in Banner is the primary source of information that feeds many other systems such as the online directory. Some online systems access Banner data directly. The most commonly used example of this is BearWeb.