Foreign Languages

Procedures for Obtaining Credit by Exam in a Foreign Language

Students who are proficient in French, German, or Spanish should take a CLEP exam.

Students who are proficient in other languages should go to the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures, 275 Old Main to obtain a CBE permission slip. The CBE permission slip gives specific instructions regarding the next steps in the process, including payment of fees and the turning in of the permission slip to the Office of Institutional Research and Testing, 540 Robinson Tower.

The professor to contact for each langugage is listed below:

  • Arabic - Abdul Saadi, Assistant Professor in Arabic
  • Chinese - Xin Wang, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies
  • Czech - Eva Hruska, Lecturere in Russian
  • Finnish - Michael Long, Professor of Russian
  • Hungarian - Marian Ortuno, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Italian - Julia Kisacky, Senior Lecturer in Italian
  • Japanese - Yuko Prefume, Senior Lecturer in Japanese
  • Korean - Kim Uber, Lecturer in Korean
  • Polish - Eva Hruska, Lecturere in Russian
  • Portuguese - Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes, Associate Professor of Portuguese
  • Romanian - Cristian Bratu, Associate Professor of French
  • Russian - Michael Long, Professor of Russian
  • Swahili - Beatrice Okelo, Lecturer or Swahili
  • Vietnamese - Marie Level, Senior Lecturer of French
  • Other languages - Michael Boerm, Senior Lecturer in French