Departmental Exams

If a student has experience equivalent to the content of a course described in the current catalog, upon approval of the department, credit may be earned for the course by passing an examination equivalent to a final course examination.

Students must receive departmental approval for any Baylor departmental exam. The CBE fee ($205 for Academic Year 2018-19 and 2019-20 ) will be added to the student's Baylor account when the permission slip is submitted to the Office of Institutional Research and Testing. Baylor's Credit by Exam policies are available at

For foreign languages not taught at Baylor, please see Foreign Languages.

Below are some courses which have been pre-approved by the department. For courses not listed below, special approval must be received from the corresponding department.

Please note: Freshman-level course examinations in English (1302 and 1304), modern foreign languages (1401 and 1402), and Religion courses are not available.

Baylor Discipline Baylor Departmental Exams Available Contact Person/Office

Foreign Languages: French, German, and Spanish Exams available for certain 3000- and 4000-level courses. (2000-level courses available through AP, CLEP or IB) Dr. Michael Boerm, Modern Languages & Cultures Dept.

For foreign languages not mentioned above, please see the CBE: Foreign Languages page. Exams available for certain 2000- and 3000-level courses. Please see the CBE: Foreign Languages Page

Mathematics MTH 1310, MTH 1321, MTH 1322 Dr. Brian Raines, Mathematics Dept.

Music MUS 1301 or 1101
Dr. Jana Millar, Music School

Physics Exams available for certain 1000-level courses. Dr. Greg Benesh, Physics Department