Request for Data, Information or Services

Guidelines for Requesting Data, Information or Services

The Office of Institutional Research and Testing (IRT) responds to requests for data, information or services from Baylor administrators, faculty, and staff. Here are some guidelines that may help you to clarify your request.

  1. Plan ahead. When making a request, take into account the time required to capture and report the information you are requesting, especially if you need the information by a specific date. Please allow at least TWO WEEKS for completion of your request.
  1. Identify the critical questions you want to answer. Be specific. Do you need undergraduate enrollment or total enrollment? And for what time period - Fall, Spring, Summer, current year, previous year? Do you want to track a variable over time? The more specific you are about the questions you are trying to answer, the more useful the information you receive will be.
  1. Submit your request to IRT. You may submit your request by completing the Data Request Form on-line. If you are completing a survey or other type of form, please fax us a copy of the form along with any instructions (fax #2062).

Once your request form has been received and assigned to a member of the IRT staff, you will be contacted to discuss your request and clarify the specific information you need. Again, please allow at least two weeks for the completion of your request.