FAQ - Accessing Power BI Reports in Teams

How do I open Teams?
  • If teams does not automatically start upon booting your computer, navigate to Microsoft Teams in the start menu.
  • Microsoft Teams menu image

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How do I view Power BI reports?
  • Navigate to Teams on the left-hand side.
  • Microsoft Teams Menu Navigation Image

  • Click on the team name that you wish to view.
  • Microsoft Teams Menu Selection Image

  • Select the Channel in which the report is located.
  • Microsoft Teams Menu Selection Secondary Menu Image

  • To view a report, select an item from the top navigation panel:
  • Microsoft Teams Top Nav Selection Image

  • If you want to expand the report, select the arrows in the top right corner. (Click again to collapse).
  • Microsoft Teams Top Nav Selection Expand Tab Image

    Microsoft Teams Top Nav Selection Expanded Image

  • If you’d like to pop out the report, select the “Pop Out Tab” button. This will open the report in a new window.
  • Microsoft Teams Menu Selection Pop Up Tab Image

    Microsoft Teams Menu Selection New Window Image

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How do I interact with visuals in Power BI?
  • Users can select items for inclusion from the filters on the side of reports or by clicking visuals themselves.
    • For example, clicking on the green Undergraduates 2019-2020 bar on the left side of the report will automatically filter the other visuals on the page to show only data for the 14,108 2019-2020 undergraduates.
    • Example Graphic for Reports

    • To reset the filter, simply click on the green bar again.
    • Secondary Example Graphic for Reports

  • To see more information, hover the mouse over any bar, line, or chart.
  • Secondary Hover Menu for Reports

  • Each visual offers the option to view it larger in “focus mode”. To enable this feature, hover on the visual you would like to select. When the icons appear at the top, click to enable them. Then select the box labeled “focus mode”.
  • Example Bar Chart for Reports

  • To exit “focus mode”, click “Back to report”.
  • Back Button Image

  • You can also sort the existing view differently or export data to Excel (note, not all reports will have data available for export).
  • Report Graphic Example

  • Some reports will also contain additional filters to the side or top of the report. By selecting a different filter, the data in the chart will change.
  • Comparison Image showing report menu selection differential

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How do I select files in Teams?
  • Select the Team and Channel you are accessing.
  • Select “Files” at the top of the Channel window. There may be any number of files, file types, and folders within the “Files” tab.
  • If the “Files” tab contains folders, click on the folder to open.
  • Example of Selecting Folders in Teams

  • Once you have clicked on a folder, you can access any of the files within it and they will open in Teams.
  • Example of Selecting Files Within Folders in Teams

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