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Bearhaus has been Baylor University's online data warehouse since 2001. It is set to retire by the end of 2021, after 20 years of service.  Bearhaus provides direct access to integrated student, human resources, and financial data taken from multiple sources and stored in one location. Access is provided to University administrators, faculty, and staff based upon their specific needs.  Existing content areas in Bearhaus will continue to be updated with the most recent data, as available, until its retirement.  In preparation for Bearhaus’ retirement, existing content is being migrated and new content areas are being created and maintained in the new data warehouse, IRMA.

The student section of Bearhaus contains data on inquiries, applicants, registrations, enrollment, retention, and degrees awarded. Applicant, enrollment, and degrees awarded data are available for undergraduate, graduate, law, seminary, and social work.

The reporting capabilities of the human resources and financial sections of Bearhaus are being provided in Ignite.  Until Bearhaus is retired, these sections will be retained to provide users with access to historical, pre-Ignite data.

**Please note that you must have sufficient security permissions in order to access Bearhaus. You must also be on Baylor University's campus or access it through a VPN. If you would like to request security to Bearhaus, please fill out and submit the online Bearhaus Access Request Form .**

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