Digital Measures

This is the informational and training website for Digital Measures, created by Institutional Research at Baylor University. The purpose of this site is to provide valuable information and training resources to help faculty and staff navigate the Digital Measures system.

Background information on Digital Measures:

The system is created by our third party vendor Watermark: This service is used by a number of universities and colleges nation-wide and internationally.  It is designed to capture faculty "activities" or data in a year over year format, that may not otherwise be readily available, all in one place in a database format. These activities can range from publication data to service and awards and honors.

How Baylor currently uses this data:

Digital Measures was picked up at Baylor University in 2014 to start the pilot program here. Since then all colleges within our University has been implemented. Historically the data captured in this system is used to assist in the annual faculty review processes.  As time goes on our instance of Digital Measures has been adapted to assist with various accreditating processes, as well as ad-hoc reporting.

Navigating this site:

Please use the left navigation menus to visit our FAQ page as well as quick tips, your specific college page also contains valuable data specific for your colleges' implementation of Digital Measures. If you are here to access the system directly, please click this link:

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