Academic Analytics

Baylor University has partnered with Academic Analytics to assist faculty in advancing their research. The Academic Analytics database contains scholarly works for faculty at over 400 U.S.-based research universities in the areas of federal grants, honorific awards, journal articles, citations, conference proceedings, and book publications.  In addition, the Faculty Insight and Faculty Expertise Portal tools compile data from Digital Measures in order to supplement faculty profiles.

There are three tools available to Baylor: the Comparative Benchmarking Portal, Faculty Insight, and the Faculty Expertise Portal. The Faculty Insight and Faculty Expertise Portal tools are currently in development and will be released to the University in Fall 2020.

Contact to request analyses and reports or to ask questions related to Academic Analytics.

Academic Analytics Comparative Benchmarking Portal

                Purpose: Assist department and PhD programs in learning more about their unit’s standing relative to other units within the discipline. 

                Audience: Department Chairs, Graduate Program Directors (for PhD programs), Vice Provosts, Deans, and Associate Deans for Research.

                To login to the Comparative Benchmarking Portal, click here.

Faculty Insight

Purpose: Assist faculty in discovering potential funding and honorific award opportunities, finding subject matter experts, and uncovering collaboration networks both within and outside of the University.

                Audience: Baylor University full-time tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty.

                To login to Faculty Insight, click here. Note: you must have Baylor credentials to login to this site.

Faculty Expertise Portal

Purpose: Provide exploration of scholarly activity for Baylor faculty.  The database combines both data sourced in the Comparative Benchmarking Portal and data entered in Digital Measures. 

                Audience: Public (Prospective students and faculty, potential external collaborators, media)

                Access the Faculty Expertise Portal here: click here.

Institutional Research

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