Survey Procedures, Guidelines and Exclusions

For surveys proposed to be administered to more than 100 Baylor students, a Survey Proposal form should be submitted to the University Survey Coordination Committee (USCC) for review. Survey proposal forms can be submitted online, and in addition, a copy of the survey must be emailed to Institutional Research at

Decisions of the University Survey Coordination Committee (USCC) may be appealed to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Institutional Effectiveness.

  • All requests for samples for purposes of generalizable research and publication (including conference presentations) must conform to the guidelines of the Baylor University Committee for Protection of Human Subjects in Research – the official university Institutional Review Board (IRB) – and will be referred to the IRB if their approval has not yet been granted. Survey participant lists will not be released prior to IRB approval in such cases. Subsequent survey policy requirements still apply as well.
  • Group-email advance letters, survey invitations, and non-respondent follow-ups must conform to the Technology Systems Usage Policy (BU-PP 025), as well as the Qualtrics Terms of Use Statement.
  • Surveys should normally be administered to the smallest number of respondents necessary to achieve a high likelihood of statistical validity, taking response rate assumptions based on recent experience into consideration.
  • All requests for samples should include procedures to maintain confidentiality of survey respondents, to make clear to survey recipients that they are free not to participate, and to give survey respondents the opportunity to see the research results (basic human subjects research considerations).
  • Larger surveys, defined as requiring samples of more than 300 students, should be submitted for consideration at least three months prior to proposed administration to allow time for survey samples to be coordinated with other contemporaneous surveys. Such coordination will be implemented by selecting prospective respondents who have not yet been included in other surveys' samples, to the extent possible.
  • Exclusions. The following very common survey types do *not* need to be submitted for review and approval:

    • Survey instruments designed to evaluate specific programs or campus services by contacting program participants or service users in-person at the conclusion of the program or service.
    • Class projects surveying students only within that class.
    • Surveys to fewer than 100 Baylor students.

    Institutional Research

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