Mission & Goals

What is a Living-Learning Center?

A living-learning center (LLC) is a residential community centered around a specific topic or theme of interest. LLCs aim to foster a community of learners and help students engage in smaller environments within the larger whole of campus. Through many activities or events, LLCs can better involve residents to create a close-knit community.

About IMPACT & LEAD Living-Learning Center

The mission of our LLC is to be a communal group of learners that embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges in order to leave a positive and lasting impact on our world. IMPACT & LEAD is a community for students that want to make a difference. 

To Embrace Growth means we facilitate weekly programs on various topics (e.g., involvement, mentoring, faith development) and provide dedicated facilities (e.g., study space, Reflection Room) that stress engagement in various learning contexts.

To Enrich Community means we celebrate the diversity God instilled in creation to provide students opportunities that promote service, leadership, and learning within our LLC, Baylor, Waco, and beyond, all while stressing the benefit of doing life together.

To Engage Challenges means we foster a space to address the world’s problems head-on and prepare students to seek solutions appropriate for the communities we inhabit. We reach this goal through a commitment to become thoughtful and informed leaders.

Community Goals (Campus Living & Learning)

These elements of our mission are enacted through our continuous focus on the goals associated Baylor Campus Living & Learning:

  • Life Together encourages exploration of our calling while developing authentic friendships
  • Cultural Humility promotes relationships across socioeconomic, racial, and religious lines
  • Faith Development fosters the genuine pursuit of a relationship with God
  • Intellectual Development supports the academic journey of a college experience
  • Self-Advocacy cultivates habits of care and well-being to support success in college

IMPACT & LEAD Community Commitment

Our mission (the 3 Es) is fulfilled by our programs, events, and activities throughout the LLC. Our residents engage this mission through our Community Commitment, which affirms how our beliefs apply to changing the world:

We strive to enrich our lives through our convictions of dutiful service, leadership development, and authentic community that goes beyond ourselves and responds to the needs of our city, and our world.

We seek to manifest our convictions through relationships characterized by dependability, reliability, and accountability in a community filled with students and staff united around a common vision and shared convictions. We seek a high standard of integrity and honesty, at all times and in all places, as we live and work alongside students, faculty, and staff within the LLC and beyond.

To fulfill these beliefs, we dedicate ourselves to being a community enlivened spiritually, academically, and socially through classes, conversations, and relationships with peers, faculty, and staff.

In light of the above we commit ourselves to authenticity; celebrating and respecting the diversity of opinions, gifts, and insights within our community.