Any upper-division students (sophomore, junior, senior) that choose to live in Impact LLC are automatically a part of NXT LVL (Next Level) IMPACT - an intentionally designed program to benefit our upper-division residents.

NXT LVL students in Impact enjoy the many benefits of living on campus for an additional year, including: exclusive access to the NXT LVL lounge, awesome Impact gear, leadership opportunities, and priority pick of rooms and roommates. In addition to these ammenitites, the NXT LVL initiative helps our students:

  1. Confidently apply knowledge gained via guest speakers or small group seminars to aid in critical thinking abilities
  2. Positively affect the culture of Impact LLC through participation in fun community and relationship building activities
  3. Experience a positive collegiate experience by attending programs that are both academically and personally enriching

After your first year, CLICK HERE to learn more about the Reapplication Process for Impact LLC. Questions about whether living here beyond your first year might be the right choice for you? Email us! impactLLC@baylor.edu.  

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