Any upper-division students (sophomore, junior, senior) that choose to live in Impact LLC are automatically a part of NXT LVL (Next Level) IMPACT - an intentionally designed program to benefit our upper-division residents.

NXT LVL students in Impact enjoy the many benefits of living on campus for an additional year, including:

  • Access to the NXT LVL lounge
    • All upper-division residents have exclusive swipe card access to a lounge in our basement complete with a continuously stocked snack and coffee cart, quiet study space with white boards, and a massive TV for everything from practicing class presentations to catching the latest series on Netflix. 
  • Awesome Impact gear
    • Our NXT LVL students get unique Impact swag only availible to them.
  • Leadership opportunities
    • If they choose, our NXT LVL students can play pivotal roles in the community by serving as Council leaders, planning and facilitating Impact LLC programs and events. 
  • Exclusive NXT LVL programs
    • Roughly once a month in the lounge, our NXT LVL students have access to fun and developmental programs, such as career workshops, catered snacks, and opportunities to grow as a Baylor Bear.
  • Priority pick of rooms and roommates
    • Returning students applying before the initial ReApp deadline have the opportunity to receive priority access in their Housing Portal to choose roommates and their desired room first

After your first year, CLICK HERE to learn more about the Reapplication Process for Impact LLC.

Do you have questions about whether living here beyond your first year might be the right choice for you? Email us at impactLLC@baylor.edu

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