Led by the Graduate Assistant, this group of students will assist with weekly tours, recruitment events, and other recruitment related opportunities within the Impact LLC. Students in this group will be contacted about volunteer opportunities via emails and texts, and can sign up for as many opportunities as they are able. This group is designed so that students can join other committees and still participate in facilitating tours. All scholarship students will be included in this group automatically so they can fulfill their involvement requirements.



Impact LLC Graduate Assistant:

  • Graduate Assistant will oversee all iAmbassadors
  • Graduate Assistant will organize iAmbassador tour guides for each event, pairing them with other iAmbassador tour guides according to their preference and need
  • Graduate Assistant will communicate clearly and often with iAmbassadors
  • All iLeaders and Scholarship Recipients will be included on the list of iAmbassadors, and all residents will have the opportunity to serve as an iAmbassador to fulfill scholarship commitments for involvement
  • General Responsibilities for all iAmbassadors
    • Plan, prepare, and execute events and activities for the Impact LLC
    • Be strong communicators with Graduate Assistant
    • Follow protocol for planning events in a way that is best for the community and prospective visitors
    • Be excited, keep a positive attitude and enjoy serving the Impact LLC!