Advisory Board

The Impact LLC Advisory Board consists of constituents from across campus that help our community live out our vision in order to positively influence Baylor students for years to come. This group has three principal goals:

  1. Provide wisdom and feedback into the direction, vision, and goals of the Impact LLC.
  2. Offer accountability and perspective for how well Impact LLC is fulfilling its mission to embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges with students.
  3. Learn about the formative community that Impact LLC creates for Baylor students and share this knowledge with the broader Baylor campus.

Current Advisory Board members:

  • Dr. Jenifer Johnson, SOE - First Year Experience
  • Jessica James, SOE - First Year Experience
  • Dr. Matt Thomas, SOE - Center for Christian Education
  • Melanie Briscoe, The Center for Academic Success & Engagement
  • Tanner  Osborne, SOE - Media Center/LRC
  • Dr. Terri Garrett, Campus Living & Learning
  • Dr. Suzanne Nesmith, SOE - Dean's Office, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Amber Thompson, The Center for Academic Success & Engagement
  • Dr. John Wilson,  SOE - Educational Leadership
  • Dr. Neil Shanks, SOE - Curriculum & Instruction 

The following are student representatives on the Impact Advisory Board:

  • Stephanie Ramos, Impact CLM Representative
  • Anna Murray, Impact Council Representative
  • Leandro Garcia, Impact Council Representative