Current Scholarship Recipients



Congratulations! You have been selected to receive an Impact Living Learning Center Scholarship. This is a need-based scholarship that was established to assist students who share in our LLC’s Community Covenant, walking alongside one another as we commit to developing ourselves as individuals who passionately embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges.  

Our hope is that this scholarship helps you to finance the cost of living in the Impact Living Learning Community in Baylor’s South Russell residence hall. This scholarship is only awarded to incoming freshmen and is awarded every semester you are part of the Impact LLC. You can receive this scholarship for up to 8 semesters as long as you remain in good standing with the Impact LLC. The maximum award is $3,000.00 for the academic year ($1,500.00 per semester) for a total of $12,000.00 over the course of 4 years (8 semesters).  

Impact LLC scholarship offers are contingent upon the recipient living in the Impact LLC in South Russell hall. If the recipient fails to select a bed assignment in the Impact LLC, or moves out of the LLC, the scholarship will be removed from your financial aid package and student account.  In addition to living in South Russell your freshmen year, Impact LLC scholarship recipients also commit to serving as an iLeader. In this role, you will become intentionally involved in programming and have opportunities to earn rewards for your attendance at events and participation in activities the Impact LLC hosts and endorses. Our commitment to you: the iLeader role will be very flexible, and will fit with the schedule of all incoming Baylor freshmen. The program exists to bolster your success at Baylor University! 

Scholarships are based on acceptance and enrollment in the Impact LLC combined with financial need. The scholarship will accompany Fall 2017 Impact LLC students during their time at Baylor, as long as you continue on with their involvement in Impact LLC scholarship-approved leadership activities, demonstrate a continued need after filing the annual FAFSA, and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better. 

General Requirments:

In order to receive the Impact LLC scholarship, students will engage with the Impact LLC through service or leadership for an average of 3 hours per week throughout the year (at least 45 hours total each semester). First year students will engage the community as iLeaders. As such, they will commit to serve the community with the Impact LLC each semester and commit to be an actively engaged member of the residence hall. Upperclassmen may continue to live in the hall and serve or transition out of the hall (off campus or to another residence hall). In both cases, all upper division LLC scholarship recipients across the university are strongly encouraged to serve their residence hall for at least 45 hours each semester. Scholarship recipients may re-apply annually to retain the scholarship for up to 8 total semesters as a Baylor undergraduate. Please CLICK HERE for more information about Baylor University’s LLC Scholarships.

  • In the Fall: “Stay w/ Me @ the LLC” (if you’re living in Impact LLC)
    • Reapplication Party
  • In the Spring: “Stay w/ Me @ the LLC – Take 2!” (if you’re living in Impact LLC)
    • iCo Application Party

First Year Scholarships 



The Impact LLC iLeaders Program is designed to foster intentional involvement in an effort to encourage first year Impact LLC residents who receive the Impact LLC Scholarship to fully embrace their time in the LLC and at Baylor. The program offers incentives and rewards to students who actively participate in events hosted by the Impact LLC, events at Baylor, and events in the Waco community. All first year scholarship recipients will enter the LLC as iLeaders and then transition to resident or non-resident scholarship recipients as upperclassmen. The iLeader program is currently open to students who will be receiving a scholarship from the Impact LLC.


Because the LLC is investing in these students’ education, we create opportunities for students to have a meaningful and invigorating university experience, and one where they are contributing to their LLC, Baylor, and Waco communities. Studies have shown that students who are more involved in extracurricular activities have a better university experience. Through participation in this program, iLeaders will have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with fellow students, as well as faculty, staff, and community members. These relationships help foster growth and a community-oriented mindset. By providing students with a framework for engagement in and contribution to their community, this program is designed to allow students to feel known and be engaged in their place of living.


iLeaders receive points by attending or participating in Impact LLC-sponsored events and recording their attendance online. An attendance form provides a brief response section for students to indicate what they enjoyed or learned from the event. The online form tracks student points and students can get rewards by reaching certain point levels; iLeaders are required to receive at least 50 points each semester. At least one of the events attended must be participation in an Impact LLC service event (see items marked “SVC” on LLC calendar).


iLeaders may earn points for participating in Impact LLC sponsored activities as well as Baylor and Waco activities that help students meet the goals of embracing growth, enriching community, and engaging challenges. We encourage students to be creative in their approach to these activities.


All students who meet the requirements of this program will be invited to an end of semester party specifically for iLeaders. At the party, awards will be given based on the level of student participation: Green, Gold, Sic ‘Em, Super Sic ‘Em levels. There will also be special awards for students who have gone above and beyond as iLeaders.

Upperclassmen Scholarships



The purpose of the Impact LLC Scholarship is to encourage student participation and engagement on campus, which stems from Baylor University’s research-driven endeavor to support student success. First year students who are Impact LLC Scholarship recipients will serve as iLeaders of the LLC. Upon the completion of their first year at Baylor, students will have the opportunity to maintain their $3,000 LLC scholarship through continued participation and service with the Impact LLC.



  1. Continue living in the Impact LLC and serve with the Impact LLC Leadership Council (iCo). iCo Leaders organize monthly events for the iLLC and have a great time connecting with one another as they serve both our freshmen and upperclassmen!
  2. If you choose to live off campus, you will need to work with the office of Student Learning and Engagement to determine an eligible leadership role in order for you to continue to receive your scholarship. 



Please CLICK HERE for more information about Baylor University’s Student Engagement Scholarships.