Meet Our Residents

Alyssa Strzalka

Hometown: Wayne, Illinois
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall 
Major: Secondary English, Language Arts & Reading

"As I was college searching, I began to form a list of things in my head that I wanted to look for in a University. Some of those things included high-performing academics, school spirit, and a faith-based community I could get involved in. What set Baylor apart for me was the way the school valued all three of these things. As a Freshman I was challenged in my thinking through the classes I took and Professors who got to know me. Football games, a multitude of clubs, and Bible studies put on by the school, have showed me that opportunity at Baylor is almost endless. Having a community like this has allowed me to create a solid foundation in my education and develop as a well-rounded person. I have loved my time at Baylor so far and am so excited to continue to invest in this place over the next few years.

A great way I found to get involved in community at Baylor was to be a part of the Impact LLC. Events put on by the LLC, such as Coffee House every Monday and service projects in the community, allow me to find mentors and friends in the people I met. It was such a great experience getting to live with people I went to class with and people from other majors who valued education. I was instantly able to tell a difference, in and out of the classroom, when my LLC friends were around. Conversations naturally went deeper and became more thought provoking because we all felt comfortable around each other. What sets the Impact LLC apart for me was the way I constantly felt encouraged to pursue excellence in all things. I knew that through celebrations and challenges I had a community that backed me up. I even loved the LLC so much as a Freshman, that I decided to return for a second year and help lead it as a Community Leader! I wanted to make sure other members got to enjoy the LLC as much as I did. I know that as I continue to develop as a work professional, the opportunities the LLC has given me to meet new people, and engage in the community, will continue to reach past my years here at Baylor. Being a part of the LLC has also given me a greater understanding that through education, change is possible. Students are invited to look farther than simply the reward of pursuing academics, but the impact they can enact on others through their schooling. The LLC has helped me find that transformation truly starts with education. I am so grateful to be a part of the Impact LLC and am excited to continue to engage in this community."


Julio Ramirez

Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Secondary English Education; with a minor in Religion

"I decided to become a Community Leader because I wanted to see my community grow and be filled with the presence of God as I walked my path of faith and learned about who HE is in them and through them. My favorite part of being a CL is seeing the maturation process and growth of our community. As crazy as it sounds I love coming home and realizing that other people are struggling academically and spiritually just like me because it allows for us to learn more about each other and allows us to grow. I am super excited for the last week of classes, this time helps us connect better with residents and it allows us to bring encouragement and joy.”


Jennifer Throne

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Undecided

"I really loved the sense of community within the LLC. The Impact LLC has helped me form close friendships with people from all majors and areas of studies."


Maddie Apuan

Hometown: Rockwall, Texas
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Media Business, Film and Digital Media

"South Russell is perfectly located on campus, easy access to everything without a terrible walk. Everyone is friendly and everything is always clean! I also love the availability of a community kitchen. I have made friends that I will be living with for the next 3 years!"


Jessica Jensen

Hometown: Palo Alto, California
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Social Work

"I wanted to be in a community at Baylor that would allow me to do what I was passionate about because I like kids and the Impact LLC has been great. I have met my best friends here that will impact my future forever."


Mary Rose Tansey

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Business Fellows, Accounting

"I first chose South Russell because it was renovated recently, but I ended up falling in love with the community and I am actually living here again next year! The girls I met on my floor will be lifelong friends."


Alex Pahl

Hometown: Schertz, Texas
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Public Health

"I chose to live in the Impact LLC because I really wanted to live in a community, and to have that support in my first year of college. The friends that I have made here at the LLC are for life, and their experiences will definitely shape my future."


Sarah Tinlin

Hometown: Peoria, Arizona
Campus Home: Impact LLC, South Russell Hall
Major: Elementary Education

"I chose to live in the Impact LLC because I was really excited about living among others who share my interests in education and because the LLC is conveniently located on campus. I know that the friendships I have here will continue in the future, and I will bring fun memories of 'Bring Your Own Mug' events, Treat Night, and so much more with me as well."