Impact Academies

All first-year Impact residents are required to attend a total of three (3) Academies during their first year. Attendence at three of these brief discussion sessions is the ONLY requirement to live in the Impact LLC.  

Impact Academies are engaging and thought-provoking discussions featuring faculty and staff speakers who share “tales of life and work” as we explore impactful issues and possible life paths together.

In Impact, we aim to embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges. This is pursued through our belief that addressing the world’s greatest problems begins with the IMPACT of education, service, and civic involvement. Impact Academies are an applicable way for us to explore what this looks like on a personal and human level. 

In Impact, we house roughly 240 students, both male and female, from disciplines and majors ranging from public policy, education, and healthcare, to music, business, and chemistry. In short, we are a diverse community of Baylor students that aspire to change the world in positive ways. This is modeled for our residents through Impact Academies. These short speaker sessions allow students to hear various perspectives about topics ranging from social issues in society to Christian living today to the power of education and more. 

Impact Academies Fellows Program

Although the Academies are a first step toward a deeper understanding of how we can impact the world, some students are eager to learn more. The Impact Academies Fellows Program is an opportunity for our intellectually curious students to dive deeper. Becoming a Fellow is simple, but the life lessons learned are often carried forward for years. Residents wanting to become a Fellow must complete the following: attend the three required Academies, write two reflection pieces detailing how they will implement their takeaways from the Academies, and attend one short Fellow seminar each semester to engage in a shared reading. That's it! 

Fellows receive an official certificate of achievement, a shirt and decal, invitation to a celebratory end-of-year recognition banquet with faculty and staff, and a cohort picture in the lobby of South Russell. The Fellows program is a great opportunity for students to extend their academic experience into their residence hall, learn about new ways to impact the world, and build their resume.