Community Covenant

We believe that addressing the world’s greatest problems begins with IMPACT of education.

The Impact Living-Learning Center is shaped by the vision that all human experiences can be viewed through a learning-oriented lens; therefore, students from all majors and areas of study — from public policy to healthcare to business and beyond — benefit from a community fully devoted to the impact that education and learning have in every aspect of life.

As partners dedicated to the development of members in our community, we - the students, staff, and faculty of the Impact LLC - commit to developing ourselves as individuals who passionately embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges.

Embrace Growth

The Impact LLC values wellness and strives to develop flourishing individuals who actively seek transformation for themselves and others in our community.

Members of the LLC commit to:

  • Advocate learning throughout all areas and stages of life;
  • Pursue challenging experiences, knowing that we grow as much from failures as from successes; and
  • Encourage involvement in diverse learning contexts (traditional, informal, and virtual).

The Impact LLC embraces growth by offering:

  • Unique and diverse facilities, including, but not limited to: the Impact LLC Learning Resource Express, located in the lobby for easy access, and containing state-of-the-art technology and digital resources; an LLC classroom featuring advanced technology; wellness-centered spaces, both large and small, where students can establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle; additional facilities include a South Russell game room, fitness room, reflection room, seminar room, open kitchen, lobby and study spaces on each floor of South Russell Hall;
  • Monthly and weekly programs that feature opportunities to:
    • cultivate healthy individuals who honor self-care;
    • acquire creativity and professional development in a variety of disciplines and fields;
    • receive mentoring from faculty and staff; and
    • develop one’s faith as well as one’s ethical, moral, and Christian character.

Enrich Community

The Impact LLC celebrates the diversity that God has instilled within His loved creation, and so we will provide students with opportunities to increase their service to, participation in, and connections within their expanding circles of influence.

Members of the LLC commit to:

  • Participate in a variety of communities, inspiring service and learning;
  • Develop as competent, service-inspired professionals who truly care about the individuals they serve and lead;
  • Acknowledge not only one’s own position in a cultural landscape but also understand one’s own bias in cultural, experiential, and social perspectives; and
  • Practice civility and humility in communications where differences exist.

The Impact LLC expands community by offering:

  • Formal leadership positions including Community Leaders, Residence Hall Leadership Team Executive Officers, as well as the opportunity to serve as committee members;
  • Dedicated community spaces on each hall and floor that are available to LLC residents 24/7;
  • Monthly and weekly programs that feature opportunities to:
    • connect to communities within the LLC, Russell Hall, Baylor, Waco, and beyond; and
    • serve while learning from others whose life experiences are significantly different from our own.

Engage Challenges

The Impact LLC engages challenges to seek solutions appropriate for the individual, the context, and the communities that we inhabit.

Members of the LLC commit to:

  • Advocate for and value the opinions and experiences of others, understanding that they are vital to solving complex human problems;
  • Seek solutions for the common welfare of the communities we inhabit;
  • Work for both immediate and long-term resolutions; and
  • Strive to become thoughtful, informed leaders who work collaboratively.

The Impact LLC engages challenges by offering:

  • Student-led organizational structure that encourages LLC residents to govern our community;
  • Opportunities to collaborate with University faculty and staff who are engaged in research, teaching, and service aimed at improving the human condition;
  • Monthly and weekly programs that feature opportunities to:
    • address local and global issues of concern;
    • propose, create, and establish responses to issues that impact and influence LLC members; and
    • identify issues in our communities that need the direct investment of our members’ abilities, resources, and care.