Why this LLC?

What is a Living-Learning Center?

Typically, a Living-Learning Center is a community that is centered around a specific topic of interest. LLCs are open to all classification and are usually centered around one or a few academic disciplines. With an array of programs and events, an LLC is able to better engage with the residents and create a close-knit community.

Why this Living-Learning Center?

The Impact Living-Learning Center is unique in the fact that we are open to any major and discipline. In addition, any classification of student is welcome to live here! Each program and event we put on is with the residents in mind, with the hope that each student would succeed in their freshman year and beyond. The core belief we hold is that addressing the world's greatest problems begins with the impact of education. 

Join the Impact LLC for exclusive access and opportunities!  The Impact LLC’s mission is
 to provide the opportunity for future educators to live together in community and grow personally and professionally as they develop a love of learning and service through teaching others.



Interested? Here are some of the Impact LLC basic facts:

  • Open to ALL majors and disciplines
    • That’s right! We’re actively seeking students who share a passion for serving and teaching. This includes business, healthcare, engineering, and essentially EVERY major at Baylor!
  • One of the newest AND best priced Living Learning Programs on campus
  • Up to $3000 in needs-based scholarships may be available
  • Only 1-year commitment with abundant opportunities (yet no requirements) for participation or involvement
  • Classic freshmen experience with the benefit of mentors. The LLC is 90% freshmen of all majors with 10% upperclassmen who will serve as mentors
  • Guaranteed housing in South Russell Hall
  • Exceptional involvement with faculty and staff who are here because we care about your growth
  • Exclusive access to state-of-the-art technology and teaching resources through our private Learning Resource Express, a branch of the School of Education’s Learning Resource Center & Media Center
  • Shared classes with community members
  • Education Majors have the opportunity to take TED 1312 with their Impact LLC peers
  • Intentional programming both on and off campus
  • Move in one day earlier than traditional campus housing and participate in early activities just for you!
  • Only $85 programming fee each semester, which covers the costs of hall t-shirts, weekly programming, and more