Faculty/Staff Advisors

Erin Stamile
iCo Advisor

The iCo Advisor’s role is to create and foster collaborative relationships between all teams. She has an active role in creating connections beyond the LLC. This advisor looks at the big picture involvement of the Impact LLC.

Meg Cullar
Publications Advisor

This advisor oversees appropriate LLC publications, such as the website, weekly newsletter, brochure, and social media outlets both within and beyond the LLC.

Dr. Mona Choucair & Tamara Roznos
Academic Connections Advisors
Mona_Choucair@baylor.edu, Tamara_Roznos@baylor.edu 

The Academic Connections Advisors direct and coordinate the educational opportunities for the LLC, such as guest speakers, study groups, book studies, and other professional development opportunities. The Coffee Connect Team chair and advisor work together to invite faculty to attend the weekly LLC Coffee House.

Monica Davis
Spiritual Life Advisor

This advisor works with the team to serve the students in spiritual guidance. This is done through prayer groups, bible study, and other Baylor Spiritual Life activities. The advisor and the team will assist the chaplain with developing passive programs in the reflection room.

Dr. Leanne Howell
Service Advisor

This advisor fosters involvement within the Waco community and works with the team to organize a monthly service project for the LLC. The team will attend to their goal of "tackling the world's greatest problems through the impact of education" and will focus on events and programs that seek to give back to Baylor University, Waco, and beyond.

Katie Hornell
Residence Hall Association Advisor

The Residence Hall Association Advisor serves as an advisor to the iCo RHA Representative in order to connect the hall to Baylor traditions. They are available as a resource for all students who need general assistance.

Dr. Pam Voyles & Caty Whitman
LRX Advisors
Pam_Voyles@baylor.edu, Caty_McCurdy@baylor.edu

These advisors serve as liaisons with the School of Education Learning Resource Center. They communicate the needs of the LRX and develop structure between the LLC and the LRX.