Student Leadership

Community Leaders (CLs)

The CLs at South Russell serve our students by exemplifying and implementing the policies and values of Campus Living & Learning. They provide communal leadership by fostering relationships, mentoring residents, and facilitating learning through community efforts that integrate aspects of diversity, faith development, academics, and relationships.


Impact Leadership Council (iCo)

Members of iCo work to create connections within and beyond the Impact LLC by engaging with residents, faculty/staff, the Baylor campus, and the Waco community. The Council embodies the idea that Impact is “by students, for students.” Different teams, such as Academic Connections, Service, or Social, work together with the Leadership Team and CLs to plan programs and events that benefit Impact residents.



The iLeaders Program is designed to foster intentional involvement for residents who receive the Impact LLC Scholarship. Our aim is for these students to have a meaningful and invigorating university experience where they are contributing to Impact, Baylor, and the Waco community. This is accomplished through iLeaders engaging in the programming/event planning and implementation that the Impact Leadership Council facilitates. This program is currently limited to Impact scholarship students.