Who is Impact LLC for?

Impact LLC is a community in South Russell residence hall for Baylor students who share a passion for embracing growth, enriching community, and engaging challenges. Impact is more than a place where students live - it is an environment where students grow, learn outside the classroom, expand their view of the world, and cultivate deeper ways of thinking within a caring community. 

Impact is open to all majors and minors, is for both men and women, and accepts incoming freshmen, transfers, current Baylor students, and international students. If you are interested in a meaningful on-campus residential experience where you will grow alongside your peers, we encourage you to consider Impact LLC.

I am an incoming first-year student, is Impact LLC a good fit?

All first-year students at Baylor are required to live on campus. When students go through the housing application process, they have the choice to live in a traditional hall, a first-year experience hall, or a living-learning center (LLC). An LLC is a space intentionally dedicated to helping students transition successfully to campus by blending their in- and out-of-class experience.

In Impact LLC, roughly 85% of our residents are first-year students. This is great because incoming students get the classic first-year experience. Further, the other 15% of our residents are a mix of sophomore, junior, and senior levels. This allows for many organic mentorship opportunities to occur in the hall. Our upper-division students serve as a solid resource for our incoming residents, helping them learn the culture and expectations of being a Baylor student. In short, Impact offers an ideal space for first-year students.

What are the requirements for living in the Impact LLC?

The only official requirement for living in Impact is attending four (4) of the six (6) Impact Academies throughout the year. Impact Academies are engaging and thought-provoking discussions featuring Baylor faculty and staff speakers who share “tales of life and work” as we explore impactful issues and possible life paths together. There will be at least 3 Academies held each semester and all first-year students are required to attend two per semester (totalling four). 

In addition to attending four Impact Academies, we expect participation, as able, from each of our members through attendance at programming and sponsored events. Study nights, monthly dinners, Community Leader programs, wellness initiatives, and socials are exciting opportunities for your growth. By attending Impact LLC programs and activities, you support the development of yourself, your peers, and your community.

Do I have to live in South Russell in order to be a part of the Impact LLC?

South Russell is the name of our residence hall (the building). Impact LLC is the name of our program (community). The Impact program occupies the entirety of South Russell Hall. Therefore, all students accepted into the Impact LLC are required to live in South Russell. 

How much does joining the Impact LLC cost?

Programming fees are $85 for each semester. This will be charged to your Baylor bill at the beginning of the semester and will be used to fund programs and opportunities for your development, growth, and community building.

I am interested in Greek life at Baylor. Is Impact LLC a good fit?

Absolutely! Many of our students choose to be involved with Greek life and various campus organizations and activities. We encourage such involvement and hope each of our students makes the most of the opportunities they are given at Baylor!

If I study abroad one of the two semesters I am in the Impact LLC, can I still apply?

Yes, but your acceptance would be on a case-by-case basis due to you leaving for one semester.


When is the application deadline?

Please refer to our Apply page. Essentially, the sooner you apply, the better! Rooms are limited and once they are filled a waiting list will begin.

I am having trouble with my application. Who do I contact for help?

Please contact the Program Director for assistance. Their contact information can be found on the Contact page.

I have already been approved to the Impact LLC, but I have decided to switch my major. What do I do?

No problem! Because our hall is open to students of all majors, you do not need to alert us of any change in major.

I have been approved to the Impact LLC but I decided to choose a different living option. What do I do?

If you select a different living option, please contact the Impact LLC Program Director as soon as possible. This allows us to quickly place other students who may be on a waiting list for the hall. It is also important that you promptly change your preference in the housing application.

I already applied and have been approved to another residence hall on campus, but now I have been approved to Impact LLC. What do I do?

Nothing! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at ImpactLLC@baylor.edu.


Can I live in the Impact LLC all four years at Baylor?

Yes, students can live in the Impact LLC all four years. The reapplicaton process will begin in October/November for the following year. 

What types of rooms are available?

We are housed in the recently refurbished South Russell hall. All rooms are traditional style with updated community baths. There are a small number of triple occupancy rooms available as well. Click here to learn more about South Russell housing options on the Campus Living and Learning website.

Can I preference my room type?

There are a limited number of single and triple rooms available in out community, first-come, first-serve (beginning with upper-division returners). We try to place students in order of returning Impact LLC students, current Baylor students, and incoming first-year students.

Can I request roommates?

If you and your roommate have applied before the May 1st deadline and both been accepted to the LLC then you will have the opportunity to choose your roommate during Roommate Matching (and will choose your room together afterwards). If you have applied after the May 1st deadline then this choice is not available. Please see the housing application website for additional information.


Is South Russell affordable?

Yes! Due to its traditional style, South Russell is one of the most cost-effective options for living at Baylor. It’s also one of the most recently updated and refurbished halls. Click here for more information on room types and rates.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Up to $3,000 in need-based scholarships may be available to Impact LLC students. These scholarships can be stacked with other Baylor scholarships and may be renewed for up to four years. Applications are processed on a rolling basis until all are distributed. Please Click here for more information on the Impact LLC scholarship.

Do I need to be approved to Impact LLC before applying for the scholarship?

Yes. After you apply for Impact and list it as your first preference of housing, your information will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid. All students meeting the needs-based criteria will be considered eligible for the award and sent an application. At that point, applications will be used to make distribution decisions to eligible students.